Trouble Shooting

Uneven thickness of sheet

Probable Cause

● the temperature is not settled reasonability 

● wire connection mistake or temperature measuring device damage

● Pressure fluctuations

● Non-uniform of sheet’s horizontal thickness

● Dusty in lip

● Any problem of runner caused by die’s deformation


● The temperature affects the melted plastic’s flow form in the mould runner, and also affect the plastic product’s thickness,The workers should cheek whether the heating device is damaged or not, and every section’s temperature is reasonable or not.Please tiny turn down or turn up the temperature according to the production status, in order to stabilize the mould temperature

● Please cheek the actual temperature is coincidental with the initialized temperature or not, the temperature measuring device (thermocouple) should stick into the bottom, and be connected to the mould by the screw. Any of the heating devices that is not working well should be changed.

● Please check Gear Pump, screen changer and feedblock. and adjust die lip after extrusion stable

● Please adjust die lip by micro adjustable screw

● Please clean the die lip

● Please give it to manufacture.

Sheet’s surface defect

Probable Cause

● There is too much impurities in the melt

● too much impurities in the runner

● runner or mould lip parts are scratch

● the runner chromium plating layer off.


● To re-clean-up mould and connectors

● Due to equipment long-term operation, the melt or impurities will accumulate in the runner , affect the melt flow as well as product quality, runner should be cleaned up periodically, In normal operation we suggest clean up the runner every month thus prolonging the life of mould

● If can’t fix it by yourself, please contact the manufacturer

● After the long-term operation or use corrosive materials may cause chromium plating layer off


Probable Cause

● the pressure of entrance side over the machine limit.

● the junction part screws didn’t tighten 

● the  surface of mounting surface is irregularity.

● Assembly is not in place or sealer damage.


● Check extruder settings, Have damaged or stress test error pressure sensor need to be replaced or make recalibration

● heating it and re-tighten the screws, Should use uniform torque

● to re-clean the surface, if it is necessary, planish with the millstone

● Check the installation location of parts, tighten the screws evenly, or replace a new sealer