• PE strech film die

    PE strech film die

    Using coat-hanger flow design. The upper die lip is full push flexible fine-tuning or push-pull fine-tuning adjusting method,down die lip is in whole. The width range: 200-1000mm.
    1.Combined the materials together in mould, makes the layers freely adjustable so as to attain a multi-layer and multi-color composite product.
    2.With composite co-extrusion feedblock produces single, multi- coextruded cast film products.
    3.According to customer’s requirement for design Online deckling system.
  • Spunbond Non-Woven Fabric Die

    Spunbond Non-Woven Fabric Die

    Specification 1.Standard type:1000mm ,1600mm, 3200mm.Customization is available. 2.Spinneret hole diameter: 0.2mm-0.4mm. Spinneret hole center distance: 0.7mm-1.5mm.
  • Rubber Sheet Die

    Rubber Sheet Die

    Specification 1.Special coat flow design the upper lip fine adjustment. According to the customer’s needs, e.the die can be inlaid to achieve a N-out film, saving tim 2.On-line width adjustment, continuous adjustment of different widths without downtime
  • XPS Foam Board Die

    XPS Foam Board Die

    With special channel of fishtail structure,Separate oil Temperature-controlling system; Upper and lower die lip fine-tuningmeeting different board thickness. Techincal Parameter Die width is 300 mm,Board width is 600 mm,Thickness is 20-120mm. Die width is 450 mm,Board width is 900 mm,Thickness is 20-120mm. Die width is 600 mm,Board width is 1200 mm,Thickness is 20-80mm
  • Waterproof Roll Die

    Waterproof Roll Die

    The upper die lip can fine-adjust With 45 degree Restrictor bar ,lower die lip can change . It can produce different materials, different thickness of the products .Suitable for the thickness between 1-10mm, the width of the product is below 10000mm. Techincal Parameter Application: PVC, PE, EVA, etc. Product application: Mainly for the product industry and construction, basement, reservoir, the dam, highway tunnel, shelter, grain depot, the stink, wastewater treatment and building waterproof...
  • Thick Board Die

    Thick Board Die

    With special coathanger channel design, 90 degree chock bar on the upper die lip ,the lower die lip can change with adjusts the thickness from 2-30mm. Techincal Parameter Product Width:Below 3000 mm. Application: Covering almost all polymers such as PP, PE, PC, PMMA, EVA, ABS, PS, PA, PVC, etc. Product application: Widely used in Electrical appliances, construction, chemical industry, light boxes, advertising decoration, etc.
  • SPC Flooring Die
  • Screen Changer

    Screen Changer

    Fast Screen Changer specifications: ¢30-500MM Singer – Plate type duplex working position fast screen changer Double – Plate type quadruple working position fast screen changer Singer – Column type duplex working position fast screen changer Double –Column type quadruple working position fast screen changer Techincal Parameter 1.Flow channel without plastic retention, short residence time. 2.Processing temperature controlled to make field leakproof adjustment on coefficient of mental expansio...
  • PVCWPV Foam Board Die

    PVCWPV Foam Board Die

    With special Coat-hanger channel design ,the upper die lip can adjust product thickness,the one of lower die lip with 90 degree restrictor bar,meeting different product thickness.The New design , the upper and lower die lip a whole ,without restrictor bar. Techincal Parameter 1.Product thickness :3-25 MM 2.Special die lip design is suitable for various material of foam products. 3.Special die lip temperature control device, ensure composite production requirements of different foaming ratio p...
  • PVCWPC Foam Board Die
  • PVC Lmitation Marble Corrugated Roofing Sheet Die
  • PVC Capillary Drainage Board Die

    PVC Capillary Drainage Board Die

    With special Coat-hanger channel design , ,with 90 degree restrictor bar ,one of the upper and lower lip,. Die lip using special tooth design to product approval meeting customer’s requment .Thickness is 2mm,Or according customer’s requment . Techincal Parameter 1.Product With :Below 3000 mm. 2.Die lip can changer , According to customer requirements can be designed double dentate.
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