Jingwei established to create value for the customer-oriented business model, thinking

what the customers thinking, doing what the customers urgently want. Through fast processing of all kinds of help information to carry out the full-time personnel to handle, strive to meet the needs of customers in time.  Jing Wei mould continuous deepening of everything for the customer's concept to provide a 360 ° service.

Maintenance and maintenance of the die

The establishment of product technical files, in accordance with the use of standardized procedures.

Technical training, person responsible.

Regular maintenance and repair.

Die maintenance and maintenance precautions on a regular basis

1. Regular removal, cleaning and maintenance

2. Disassembly and cleaning should focus on the protection of the mold lip angle and the flow channel, not any damage, gap

3. Do not use steel and other hard equipment to clean up the flow channel and sealing area, so as not to cause damage

4. Electrical safety inspection

5. Check the sealing plate

6. Check the fastening screws